A “Minor Issue” Has Reportedly Kept Beyoncé + Twins In Hospital For A Week

Pals, there’s another reported update on the status of the most-hyped babies born in living memory, but it’s not quite as celebratory as every other piece of information regarding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s blessed twins.

According to TMZ, that perfect pair of sprogs was born last Monday, but have been kept in hospital due to a “minor issue.” They’re expected to be just fine, but doctors allegedly feel uncomfortable discharging them right now.

Beyoncé herself reportedly remains in hospital too, with the publication’s source claiming she’s doing well.

While Beyoncé has documented the entirety of her pregnancy via social media, she hasn’t yet issued a public update on the status of her family’s newest additions. Jay Z, whose Twitter account burst into life a couple of days ago, hasn’t done so either.

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Earlier, Bey’s father Mathew Knowles confirmed their arrival via Twitter. Some of her more militant supporters ain’t exactly happy he was the one to do it, though.

Ignoring all of that drama regarding the announcement: many positive health vibes in the direction of the recently-expanded Carter-Knowles clan. 

Source: TMZ.
Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty.