A Melbourne Burger Insta Got Wrecked For Posting A Homophobic Review

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, ‘Ya know what burger reviews are missing? Some casual homophobia!’?

Well, the ‘Burger Bun Day’ Instagram account from Melbourne definitely did. 
They decided to visit The Beaufort in Carlton, to review their burgers and general ambience. Unfortunately, rather than focus on things like ‘taste of burger’, ‘deliciousness’, or ‘condiment to patty ratio’ (that last one’s important, yo), they decided to give a rather short review of the burger, and then tell an anecdote about two female patrons. 
Why is this notable? Because this was the anecdote that they legitimately included in a burger review:
“*Quote of the night*- whilst waiting for two girls to finish using the pool table, one of the BBD members pointed out that they were probably “bean eating rug munchers” to which another member responded with absolute shock “I honestly thought that was a bloke!””
Luckily, The Beaufort was just as impressed as us, and any other human being with half a brain and a smidgeon of self respect, and wrote arguably the greatest response ever on the Instagram review. They requested that the Burger Bun Day members come back so they could – AND WE QUOTE – “serve [them] up a bag of fried dicks with some racist mayonnaise and some lesbian hating kosher salt”. 
Here’s the full post, courtesy of Brown Cardigan:
Surprisingly enough, the @burgerbunday Instagram account has weirdly disappeared. But, the screenshots will forever live on. 
And so, here is yet another gentle reminder that yes, you have the right to be politically incorrect and offensive, but our laws that emulate United States’ ‘freedom of speech’ purely mean you can’t be arrested for voicing your opinion. They do not mean you won’t get called out, publicly shamed, and called ‘a pack of cunts’ on social media.
Back into the primordial soup you go, Burger Bun Day – you got some more evolving to do before you can play with the rest of the humans.