A Maccas With Table Service And “Mood Lighting” Just Opened In Hong Kong

Maccas is continually looking for ways to distance itself from its reputation for greasy burgers and fries, and the company has taken a big new step in Asia, opening up a concept store in Hong Kong that sounds slightly ~fancier~ than your normal outlet.
The McDonald’s Next restaurant, designed by Australian company Landini Associates, recently opened up in the Admiralty business and shopping district, and the notional aim is to compete with more high-end burger joints. 
Amongst other accoutrement, the restaurant features burgers served on wooden boards, along with a dining area that is serviced by wait staff, who will actually take your order at the damn table from 6pm.  
The food is prepared in an open kitchen area, so customers can see the entire cooking process, should they wish to do that for whatever reason, and the lamps go down in brightness at night for a more intimate, relaxed dining experience.
The salad bar features asparagus and quinoa, and if you don’t fill up too much on that stuff, there’s also a dessert bar.
Landini have called the new Maccas “an experiment in non-design”, and have expounded on its many sleek virtues, saying:

“The colourful graphic environments that became the signature for McDonald’s internationally, are now replaced with a simpler, quieter and more classic approach. The intention is to hero the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it, and to create a ‘recognisable neutrality’ that allows this to happen.”

While years of exposure to Pete Evans have made us light up with rage at the mention of the words “hero” and “food” in the same sentence, we’re still curious.  
Similar stores are reportedly set to open in Singapore, China and Australia, so we may soon get to experience the mood lighting and table service for ourselves.

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Story: Fairfax
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