A Live TV Cross Goes Awry When Reporter Throws To An Oversized House Cat

Live TV can be tricky, there’s no doubt about that. You’re thrown into unusual situations and have to work with what you’re given. Sometimes that’s a Category 5 hurricane bearing down upon you, and sometimes it’s a house cat.

Scott Madaus, a local reporter working for Fox13 in Memphis, was reporting on a sighting of a cougar in Mississippi.

He stands on the side of the road. The dramatic music, which introduced the live cross, fades just enough for the audience to hear his voice. “We’re live in Hernando, Mississippi where there has been spottings of a cougar…” he opens, before turning and pointing at a creature behind him, “… and that is not it.” The camera zooms in. It’s a fucking house cat.

‘LARGE CAT SPOTTED’ the chyron reads, as the camera stays tight on the cat. “We’re just feet away from where a local man rolled his cell phone video on what some say is a cougar,” Madaus continues. The cat blinks. “I’ll be right back with the live report.”

Welcome to the greatest 22 seconds of broadcast reporting you’ll ever see.

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