Forget Labor. Forget The Greens. Shit, forget the more rabid corners of his own Liberal Party. The real nemesis of MP Andrew Laming is a Facebook meme page dedicated to screencaps from The Simpsons.

In the two days since The Simpsons against the Liberals took aim at Laming’s chuck-’em-in-the-deep-end take on PE teachers, the opponents have been firing annotated stills back and forth like one of them isn’t an elected member of parliament.

It all started with this reasonably gentle Abe meme:

Someone alerted the member for Queensland’s Bowman, and he jumped in the comment section to re-affirm his anti-union stance on the whole issue. As you do.

Of course, by that point, it was far too late. He’d engaged a community who a) were there specifically to talk shit about his political affiliation via the medium of pop-culture reference, and b) now had a real-life target, right there and reading.

The response was… Well, to be expected:

Laming attempted to back up his stance on the apparent over-supply of primary school teachers in the state, before getting mighty defensive about the entire issue:

The chaos continued this afternoon, when the page unleashed this one:

In a stroke of progressive memery, they even worked around Principal Skinner’s gendered viewpoint:

And then Laming had another crack, claiming he’d “mashed” the page’s followers:

That, too, has received a response:

At time of writing, the stoush is still going. Laming claims to have stoked an important discourse on the issue, while near everyone else is just riffing on the bloke. 

In the immortal words of that one kid: 

Source: The Simpsons against the Liberals / Andrew Laming MP / Facebook.
Photo: The Simpsons.