A Gold Coast Mayor Is Reconsidering His ‘Demonic Gateway’ Prayer Room After Satanists Booked It

Controversial Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has said it was a big boo-boo to turn an old council chamber into a prayer room after the Noosa Temple of Satan (an organisation advocating for compassion and critical thought as opposed to “actual” Satanism, per se) attempted to book it.

After doing a big ol’ think, Tate reckoned that “if I had my time over again, I would have called it an R U OK room,” as per the ABC.

“God works in different ways, even utilised the satanists to help me realise I should have called it R U OK room. So thank you very much.”

Back in April, Tate’s council blocked the Noosa Temple of Satan‘s attempt to book the new prayer room.

But here’s the thing, The Temple of Satan isn’t really about Satan worshipping. It’s basically a big middle finger to the idea that religious institutions can have special privileges in society just by calling themselves “churches”.

The Temple actually advocates for a bunch of progressive causes such as LGBT inclusion.

Actually, the more I read about them the more I reckon these Satanists sound like a tonne of fun. Harden up, Gold Coast council.

A whole bunch of wacky shit has been going down in the Gold Coast mayoral office recently.

Tate’s spiritual advisor (yes, spiritual advisor) reckons the city’s HOTA (Home Of The Arts) venue was a “demonic stronghold” (yes, demonic stronghold) as per the ABC.

Apparently, a “spiritual battle” was kicking off that required everyone to arm themselves with “spiritual weapons”.

This might explain why they were so quick to block the Satanists from booking council spaces.

Oh, and he also got his own face printed on a COVID mask. Need we say more?

BTW does anyone have a link to buy one of those masks? Asking for a satanic friend.