Bee Swarm Descends On Sydney Icon Mary’s Throwing Traffic, Lunch Into Chaos

All the bees might be dying at an alarming rate, but they’re sure as hell not going down without a fight.

Friday proceedings in the Sydney CBD were disrupted by an invading swarm of bees which descended upon an unsuspecting motorbike parked near Mary’s Burgers, disrupting many a lunch time feed and piquing the curiosity of on-lookers.

The bees targeted a Braaap Mercury bike in the middle of the parking bay full of bikes on Castlereagh Street, right in the heart of the city. Why did they single out this bike? The honey-red paint job? The high pollen count in the air? Residue from a spilled morning coffee stickily baking in the midday sun? Who knows.

But descend they did.

Descend they did.

In absolutely wild scenes, the bees…

..yes, the bees swarmed across the street, forcing punters to take cover and look on in bemused horror.

That’s a coupla bloody bees right there.

Fortunately this yarn has a good ending. An expert bee person was called in to deal with the situation, removing the Queen and thus allowing the swarm to shift away from the area naturally.

Not only that, they managed to do it while wearing the kind of attire you’d normally see on a paleobotanist at Jurassic Park. No full bee suit here. Just a tank top and a dustpan. Bad. Ass.

I tell ya, a swarm that large is enough to give you hives.

I mean it’s an un-bee-lievable amount of the things.

Boy I hope that motorbike didn’t get stung with a fine.

You get the idea. Happy Friday, everyone!