Just a heads up for anyone thinking of attending Splendour in the Grass next year – Jetstar‘s got your back.
A Jetstar flight attendant – the Good Guy Greg of flight crew – has apparently warned passengers on board a flight heading to Sydney that drug detecting sniffer dogs and quarantine officers would be meeting the flight at Sydney domestic terminal. The crew member then advised passengers to flush away anything they should not have. With a number of passengers on board returning from this year’s Splendour festival in Byron Bay, this caused a rush for the plane’s toilets.
The airline has confirmed that they are investigating the incident. Though if any disciplinary action is taken against the crew member, several passengers have promised to cover the fine, as well as donate “as many bikkies as you can chew.”
Though it’s not confirmed at this point, it seems in line with their business model that from next year Jetstar will begin offering an optional sniffer dog alert service for post Splendour-flights. So for a nominal extra fee you can sleep easy when lugging home any excess Jerry Springers.

Photo: Roslan Rahman via Getty Images.

via ABC News.