A Fisherman Has Been Tweeting The Crazy Beasties He Finds In The Deep

The deep sea, where no light nor evidently god’s blessings reach, is known to be full bizarre-looking creatures that look like they belong in Google‘s Deep Dream AI system rather than in our natural world.

But a Russian deep sea fisher has been posting pictures of the creatures his fishing trawler spits up on Twitter, and it’s caught the attention of local media.

The Moscow Times reports that Roman Fedortsov is based in Murmansk, a port city in the “extreme northwest part of Russia”, and started tweeting his finds earlier this year.

And yeahyeahyeah there’s a lot to be said for over-fishing / leaving creatures where they belong and all that, BUT WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE FISH THAT GOD FORGOT?

Something to think about next time you’re going for a swim. 

“I’m watching you!”

“How do you find such a beauty? That #chimera, which is now caught in the #trawl.”

“For newly ‘arrived’ on the board, once underwater predator.”

“Hello everybody! Continue #fishing.”

“Another #burbot in #trawler. Pretty boy.”

“Another #grenadier caught in #trawl. The stores sold the carcass, so as not to scare customers.”

“Sad underwater inhabitants.”

“Everyone have a great day!”

“I hope such a creation is not poisonous :)”

Photo: Twitter / @rfedortsov.