Because people do give an actual shit about animal abuse, this weekend’s planned US premiere of ‘A Dog’s Purpose‘ has been cancelled after footage of the film’s dog being forced into choppy water went viral.

The video, obtained and released by TMZ, shows Hercules the German Shepherd being pushed into the torrent of water for a scene that, if the film’s trailer is anything to go by, features a police dog performing a water rescue. 

In a follow-up shot, a crew member can be seen and heard scrambling for Hercules after the dog’s head appears to dips under the surface. 

Now, following backlash from fans, PETA, the American Humane Association and the film’s director and voice-actor, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment have released a statement that an investigation into the incident is “still ongoing” and it’s therefore “in the best interest of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ to cancel this weekend’s premiere and press junket.”

And when the film eventually launch, Universal and Amblin are going to have a hell of a time getting audiences if that one-star IMDd rating is anything to go by.

While the premiere’s cancellation is positive news for animal right’s activists, it’s still nakedly because of the backlash, not that the incident itself; remember, that footage was from over a year ago, and the (since suspended) AHA on-set representatives apparently did squat.

Basically, on ya TMZ for getting this out there. 

Source: Mashable.

Photo: Universal.