Sorry folks but that dastardly same-sex marriage plebiscite is absolutely rearing its head again, this time coming in as a potential postal vote that could very well happen on November 7 – if the Government’s plan is passed through the Senate this week.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed that the Government will be presenting the plan to have a compulsory attendance plebiscite on November 25 or a postal vote on Nov 7 to the Senate to stick to their “commitment to all Australians to have their say on same-sex marriage.”

The date was confirmed after a joint party room decision to push on with the plebiscite, and in failing that, the postal vote on the issue of same-sex marriage. If a ‘yes’ vote is confirmed from the public ballot, the Government will then go in to a private party vote to change the legislation.

Malc and the current government is relying heavily on their election promise that all Australians are to have the chance to give their opinion on a law change that would affect a minority of citizens.

What could possibly go wrong with asking the general public about something that affects a group of people that have historically been persecuted, shamed, and attacked for their sexuality? The mind boggles.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann also confirmed that this potential public vote will cost the country $122 million.

If the postal vote is passed through the Senate, Cormann confirmed that postal ballots will be rolled out across the country from September onwards.

Malcolm is extremely dead-set for all Australians to “have their say” on the issue of marriage equality which, if literally any social media threads ever are to go off, has potential to be wildly damaging and traumatising for the LGBTQI community.

He has has also confirmed that he will be supporting a yes vote for marriage equality, if the planned plebiscite results in a conscious vote happening in Parliament.

Seriously, why are we having this horrible deja vú? I thought we all agreed that a plebiscite is a shithouse idea and a free vote should just happen?

If Germany was able to turn it around in the space of a week, why are we struggling so much? Jeez.

Image: Sony Pictures / Seinfeld