Folks, the term “national tragedy” is often bandied about with scant regard for its implications. Used too often, its meaning dilutes and loses significance, meaning people are less moved by instances of true significance and real catastrophes can fall through the cracks. But I have never been more serious when I say that this is the greatest tragedy Australia has seen since Nollsie got robbed of his Idol win.

cheese truck in New South Wales has overturned, spilling its precious cargo across the highway.

A Cheese Truck Has Rolled Near Canberra And We Camembert It

The northbound B-Double carrying a trailerload of delicious curds tipped over on the Hume Highway nat Bredalbane, near Goulburn, at around 8:10am this morning.

Both lanes of traffic were blocked by the truck, the driver of which was fortunately uninjured. However the same cannot be said for the mountain of cheese tragically lost in the crash.

Workers attending the scene tried in vain to salvage as much of the cheesy mates as they could, but much of the load was lost, sending platters across the country into mourning.

*cracks fingers*

That is to say, there was de-brie all over the place.

It’s really not a very gouda day, mates.

We were really hoping for a feta outcome on this one.

Hug your nearest box of crackers. They’d be feeling pretty provolonely today.

It might be a black day, but things can only get cheddar.

Ricotta come together if we’re gonna overcome this tragedy.


Source: The Canberra Times
Image: Twitter / NSW Police