A 1.8M Shark Got Tired Of Swimming, ‘Jumped’ On A Surfer’s Board At Bondi

Today in WTF Australia??, a “small” six-foot shark apparently leapt out of the water at Bondi Beach and landed on a surfer’s board, before swimming off underneath another surfer.

Bondi Rescue Lifeguards reported the news on their Facebook page this morning, confirming that neither men were hurt.

We had a small shark (6 foot) jump on a local surfers board this morning then swim off under another surfer. The man was…

Posted by Bondi Rescue Lifeguards on Monday, 21 December 2015

The surfer was local man Dean Norburn, who was paddling at the south end of Bondi, about 40m from Icebergs.

Furthering Australia‘s international reputation for being a) fraught with danger every time we step out of the house, and b) chill AF about it, Norburn shrugged off the shark incident and told 2GB radio that it was just a reminder there are sharks in the water.
“You just gotta get out there and have a go,” he said.

We’ve reached out to Bondi Rescue for further deets, but know anymore? Send your tips through to editor@pedestriangroup.com.au 

Picture: Alexandra Denice Tan / Twitter.