9 WTF Aussie Fashion Week Moments The Style Set Can’t Forget

Fashion, aye – it’s a fahbulously weird thing. 

If Katy Perry‘s cupcake tits or Kim Kardashian‘s human adaptation of ya Nan’s couch wasn’t justification enough, then surely runway theatrics at major fashion weeks across the globe should do the trick. Catwalks have quickly become that extension-of-your-personality stuff on crack, essentially.

Australian Fashion Week gets its charade on every time, as you’ll see below with a lil’ roundup of MBFWA’s redic runway revelries over the years.

Plus, this week marks Australian Fashion Week’s 21st bday, so it’s only natural to look back at the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing, no?


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Mate. Maaaaaaaaaattttteeeee. Everyone knows you’ve gotta be invited to the prestige that is Fashion Week, ya’ can’t just rock up to a show, let alone CRASH the bloody production altogether. Ol’ mate – classified by the media as an unnamed “angry neighbour” – clearly didn’t give a flying fuck about the rules (or was paid by publicists to create some hype) ’cause he barged in on Ellery‘s 2015 finale to make an actual noise complaint. 

Surely he should’ve realised it was a legit event and not a fucking rager over at Sal’s in number 23, but apparently he was quite riled up, overheard saying to a security guard, “You have no respect for the local community, the noise is way too loud, this is a disgrace.” 

This was at 7.45 pm on a Sunday night. 


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Back when Ksubi was spelt with a “T”, founders Dan SingleGeorge GorrowPaul WilsonOscar Wright and Gareth Moody decided 169 rodents would be a good addition to their runway show in 2001.“This was the time we were all about shock. So when I was asked about the show late one night and what model we’d like to come out first, I replied ‘I’d rather a swarm of rats came out’,” Gorrow explained

JFC. Some people left before the show ended, and unfortunately one rat was killed when a curtain rod fell on it. The RSPCA was called.


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Offsite locations are a drag for attendees frantically trying to make back-to-back shows throughout the week, which is more reason for brands to up the ante should they make that choice. Ten Pieces‘ SS15/16 collection – a utilitarian wardrobe under the creative direction of Lucy Hinckfuss and prolific restauranteur Maurice Terzini – made the trek worth everyone’s while by using an emptied out Bondi Icerbergs’ pool – aka Sydneysiders’ fave Insta shot – as a runway. 


Photo: The Morning Show / YouTube.

Kristy Hinze – what a trooper. Not only did she feel the Victoria’s Secret Angel pressure with a $5 million Tigerlily bikini on her lady parts, but the Aussie model also had to bear the pain of a python tightening ’round her neck on the runway back in 2001. Y’know, just the usual sanity-threatening shit. That didn’t stop Guanabana & We Are Handsome from pulling the same stunt at their show 10 and 13 years later, tho, respectively.


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With models off-duty a highly frothed-over/imperative part of every post-fashion week street style gallery, model/activist Ollie Henderson nailed the publicity thang when it came to launching her politically charged clothing line, House Of Riot, at MBFWA in 2014. 

Knowing full well that the trends off the runway are just as important as those on it, Ollie handed out over 100 hand-painted tees to fellow models to wear in between shows, with messages that raised awareness on issues such as climate change, refugees, social welfare, gender equality and animal rights. 

Slogans included things like “Sexism Sucks”“Abort Abbott” and “Suck My Cervix”, which was so cuntfrunting/amazing that she followed up the stunt the following year with another statement collection on MBFWA’s street style circuit.


Photo: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty.

Every year Romance Was Born gives the fash crowd more than they bargained for experientially, but it was in 2009 that they really set the bar with a seafood platter of models. Bubbles were blowing in the background, there was a knitted squid headpiece, Tanja Gacic channelled a crab – being fishy was well and truly glorified. In fact, several FROW members were so moved they actually cried a little – how I love les poissons.  


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Oh, Dita, your IDGAF attitude is too good. To introduce her MAC Cosmetics line Down Under back in 2007, the burlesque bootay straddled a giant lipstick like a cowgirl, using sequins to cover her, ah, pink bits. Yee-hah?


Several men dressed in balaclavas staged a bank robbery of sorts for Tight Knickers‘ show in 2006. They threw a whopping $15,000 cold-hard cash, all of which was in $5 bills for dem effects (jump to after 1:05 in the vid above for the good stuff). This was the one time where being in front row meant more than an A+ gift bag and some kind of industry validation – props to co-creators Jonathan Pease and Jesse Margolis for what they’ve dubbed “a social experiment“.


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Fashion Week Australia has seen many internationally-acclaimed stars on its runways, from Alessandra Ambrosio to Paris Hilton, Lupe Fiasco and Georgia May Jagger, however, Miranda Kerr‘s opening and finale walk for Alex Perry in 2007 was EXTRA spesh ’cause it was in the supermodel’s prime. In case ‘ya forgot, MK was announced as the first-ever Aussie to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway the year prior, and, give or take an Orlando Bloom relationship, she was a very fucking big deal. 

Fashion Week Australia is officially celebrating its milestone bday this week, so be sure to follow all the chic madness on our Snapchat (PEDESTRIAN.TV or scan the piccy below) and Insta (@pedestriantv) – we’re sure there’s even more holy shit moments for y’all in the pipeline. 

Happy 21st MBFWA – it’s been real.

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