7cm Wire Removed From Aussie Woman’s Guts 10 Yrs After Her Braces Came Off

You know how when you read things and you get that phantom feeling of your own body part feeling kinda weird? Well prepare for both your mouth and stomach to feel all kinds of hellish queasiness because a woman from Western Australia had a seven centimetre piece of wire from her braces removed from her small intestine ten years after she had her braces removed.

No thank you.

A case study published in BMJ explains the intense situation going on in the woman’s guts, from when she went into the hospital with stomach pain, through to the discovery of the wire in her small intestine, which has pierced through her small bowel, causing her small intestine to twist around itself.

WOW. NOPE. (Photo: BMJ.)

The woman told hospital staff that she hadn’t had braces in ten years, and doesn’t remember ever swallowing some of the dental wire, which means that the little bit of wire was cruising around in her tum for at least ten years.

The wire was removed successfully with surgery, and the woman is healing fine, but fuck that I don’t wish swallowing a bit of bloody wire on my worst enemy.

Take this story as a warning to take care of your dang mouth, and if you do have braces, for the love of God be careful.