74-year-old Mangayamma Yaramati has become the oldest mum on record after giving birth to seemingly-health twins via cesarean last week.

Due to Yaramati experiencing menopause, a donor’s egg was fertilised with her 82-year-old husband Sitarama Rajarao‘s sperm, The Hindustan Times reports. The fertilised egg was then implanted into Yaramati.

Yaramati and Rajarao, married for 57 years, made several unsuccessful attempted to fall pregnant in the past and subsequently feeling stigmatised in their community for not having a child.

Image: SWNS.

“We are incredibly happy,” the husband told BBC Telugu, following the birth.

“Nothing is in our hands,” he responded, when asked who would care for the twins should their parents pass away due to old age. “Whatever should happen, will happen. It is all in the hands of God.”

News of the birth has since garnered worldwide attention, with many viewing the birth as irresponsible.

Rajarao suffered a stroke the day after the birth and is currently being treated in hospital.

Image: India Photo Agency / SWNS