63 Y.O. Perth Man Found Dead In Bali In Reportedly Suspicious Circumstances

A 63-year-old Australian man has been found dead in Bali in what looks like suspicious circumstances.

Stephen James Richardson, from Perth, was found dead in his rented house in south Denpasar on Monday, with several wounds to his arm, forehead and cheeks.

Local police said there were signs of a violent struggle and the “first possibility” is that he died as the result of an assault, but also that “the victim had a habit of drinking alcohol … so there is a possibility that the victim died due to be (sic) drunk and falling and hitting glass.”

Richardson had moved to Bali about three months ago, according to some reports. His body was only discovered when friends had made several unsuccessful attempts to contact him, and went to check on him after he failed to attend a wedding anniversary party.

A glass cabinet door and a window at his home were both smashed. 

“On the floor of (sic) in the middle room there were a lot of dried blood spots,” police said. A knife has been collected as evidence.

His son Ben Richardson, 29, told the Daily Mail the family had initially thought a heart attack had killed him, until police sent them photos from the crime scene.

“I will not stop until I know what really happened because it’s very clear someone took him from us,” he said.

“I am fuming, he didn’t even get to see us get married or have kids.”

Source: ABC / The Australian / Daily Mail.

Photo: Facebook.
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