’60 Minutes’ Is Getting Dragged To Hell For Giving Airtime To A Truly Shitty UK Racist

There is no certainty as truly tiresome as Australian TV giving airtime to a pointless racist that has been thoroughly shunned by their native country. We cannot get enough of it. The more de-platformed they are back home, the more we fucking love giving them unchecked airtime to spout whatever bullshit they want here. The only difference between this utterly bananas promo that 60 Minutes released earlier this week and any other time Australian TV has pulled shit like this, is that this time it’s getting an absolute bake on a global scale.

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On Wednesday, 60 Minutes released a promo for this coming weekend’s edition of the show, which is apparently set to feature a frankly bizarre segment on the largely tabloid-driven brouhaha over Meghan Markle‘s role in the royal family, which in itself drips with good old fashioned British classism at its absolute best, and fairly overt racism at its worst.

For reasons not even CERN will be able to find the core of, the segment is apparently set to prominently feature UK-based racist idiot Katie Hopkins as the show breaks bones reaching for answers to questions only the most cretinous corners of trash can journalism are asking.

The promo is weird, baffling, and a pretty egregious example of making a racist something out of virtually nothing.


Hopkins, for whatever it’s worth, has been ajudged so insufferably shitty that she can’t even find a skerrick of the UK media muckheap that will book her anymore.

Among her many, many greatest hits, Hopkins has called for a “final solution” to terrorism in the moments following the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, urged Londoners to “arm themselves” against Muslims, stated women “couldn’t handle” equality “if they got it,” compared migrants to “cockroaches” and “feral people,” stated literally that she thinks “racial profiling is a good thing,” and has been called a “respected journalist” by US President Donald Trump and no one else.

Now, because we are but half-brained moth who cannot stop touching the bug zapper, Australian TV is apparently falling over themselves to get her on the air here.

That promo has been dragged from pillar to post since it was released on Wednesday, and has drawn the ire of prominent figures including Jameela Jamil and Mia Farrow, the former of which openly wondered why 60 Minutes wasn’t instead focusing on the *various indiscretions* of Prince Andrew.




It’s happened so many times before, and it’ll keep happening again, and again, and again until time immemorial, because Australian TV has a raging stiffy for deadshit idiots saying deadshit things without challenge.

Shameful shit, this. Shameful shit all up and down.