If you aren’t familiar with alt-right, pro-Trump social media figure Laura Loomer… well, good. There is literally no need to familiarise yourself with this person.

She’s mostly known for being attached in some capacity for a wide spectrum of barely functional far-right media platforms, as well as for making a lot of really shit tweets. Among other things, her greatest claim to fame was protesting a performance of Shakespeare‘s Julius Caesar in a park because she believed it was anti-Trump.

Yeah, it’s all very gratifying.

In her grand tradition of posting shit tweets, she proceeded to post a lot of shit tweets in the wake of the attack in New York which left eight people dead.

She also made a tweet about Uber which was as baffling and odd as it was racist, which was instantly roasted for:

Seriously, you’re not doing your shitty racist ‘movement’ great favours if your idea of direct political action is ping-ponging between Ubers and Lyfts while crying whenever you see a driver with brown skin.

She was rinsed from across the political spectrum, even from some of her allies on the far-right, who found the entire thing not so gratifying. Even gigi Hadid had a go:

Well, according to Business Insider, there’s a final cherry on the cake of this sordid affair: she’s been banned from Uber. The company told BI in an email that Loomer was banned for violating the platform’s community guidelines.

Loomer seemed to confirm her ban in a tweet which suggested she was already pursuing legal action against the company over this extremely weird tweet she posted earlier:

This isn’t the first time Uber has booted a far-right personality from its platform: the so-called ‘provocateur’ named Baked Alaska was also ejected from the platform after an Uber driver in Washington D.C. claimed he made racist remarks while in her car.

Don’t be a shit.