As more details emerge from the scene of America’s deadliest mass shooting, those in positions of influence have spoken about the horrific event, and questioned why incidents like the Las Vegas massacre keep on happening.

Former president Barack Obama, who lead the United States as it reeled from several mass shooting incidents, condemned the killing of at least 50 concertgoers and maiming of hundreds more as a “senseless tragedy.”

In the aftermath of the shooting, Ariana Grande – whose Manchester concert was the scene of a terrorist bombing earlier this year – wrote of a need to “call this what it is”.

Other public figures have questioned why reporting of the killing, which was perpetrated by 64-year-old white man, hasn’t been widely labelled as terrorism.

Celebrities have questioned why America permits such a pervasive gun culture, and why nothing substantial has been done to curb similar killings.

Amy Schumer, who became a staunch proponent of gun control after a mass shooting during a screening of her film Trainwreck, advocated for the non-profit gun control organisation Everytown For Gun Safety.


Image: Ethan Miller / Getty