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It is highly likely that at some point in your adult life you’re going to do a stint overseas – whether as a party guru backpacker around southeast Asia, on the road chasing the American dream, or behind the bar at literally any pub in the UK (say ‘cobber’ in any British pub and we guarantee an enthusiastic Australian will appear out of nowhere, an apparition). One million of us are making lives for ourselves overseas already.

We’re kind of Gen Global, some of us living and working internationally, others jobbing for companies on the other side of the world even while living in Oz, and some jumping at the bit for our next overseas jaunt, while a quarter of Aussie residents were born elsewhere.

What we’re trying to say is that our habit of living internationally means our dollarydoos need to go global too – according to Galaxy Research, one in three Aussies have transferred money overseas before –  because we’re getting paid in different currencies, sending $$ to our pals across the pond, or spending it all on kitsch homewares over there ourselves. That’s where the dreaded international money transfer comes in.

If it wasn’t enough hassle setting up an overseas bank account (trust us, it is), now you’ve gotta get your cash from A to B, while your Aussie bank is definitely charging you an unfair, inflated exchange rate, on top of a frankly ridic ‘spenno upfront fee (dw, your new international bank is charging one too, it’s a double whammy).

Tell Us When You’ve Been Ripped Off By A Bank & Your Wallet Could Win $513TransferWise make the stressblissful experience of sending yourself enough Aussie dollars to make your first month’s Berlin rent eight times better for 2 mil customers around the world, by offering a service that’s eight times cheaper than going through your regular ol’ bank.

On average banks charge you $50 to $60 bucks a transaction through upfront fees and by marking up the exchange rate from the fairest mid-market rate. Well, TransferWise go by that rate, and it’ll only cost you $7 – getting you your cash moneys with speed and ease, ease ‘n speed.

They’re moving about $1.5 billion a month globally, across 900 currency routes. You can even go Borderless, managing $$ in 28 different currencies at once if you need to.

Meanwhile, according to Capital Economics, because we aren’t aware of it – or just can’t be arsed – we as a nation, both individuals and businesses, lost $3.9 billion on foreign currency fees in 2016, and $3.1 billion of that was in heckin’ hidden mark-ups and card spending charges on international transactions.

Tell Us When You’ve Been Ripped Off By A Bank & Your Wallet Could Win $513

$3.1 billion a year equals out to $513 per year per household on just fees ‘n mark-ups on international transactions – or $167 for each Aussie adult.

TransferWise know full well that’s a bloody joke, so they wanna give you the chance to get a better dealio and win back that $513 by spilling your guts about the last time you felt ripped off by your bank.

Oh the stories we could tell…


Image: South Park