It’s already hard to imagine what goes through someone’s head when they abuse any animal, it’s basically impossible to imagine what kind of brain parasite you would need to think it’s a fun or good idea to torture and kill something as rare and wonderful as a wombat – let alone five of them.

Authorities are after the one or more individuals (read: gutless shitcunts) who vandalised a campground in Victoria‘s South Gippsland, leaving behind the bodies of five wombats that were either shot or run over.

The reprehensible dicks behind the incident also destroyed and burned a picnic table, spray-painted a number of trees and fired a shotgun at a sign at the Turtons Creek site.

According to Forest Fire Management Victoria, it’s believed those involved were in the location around June 29 or 30.

Gippsland assistant chief fire officer, Chris Stephenson was taken aback:

“It’s obviously been some people out there doing the wrong thing and have got a bit carried away, but it’s quite disturbing to find five dead wombats, plus all the other damage at that recreation site.

“Shooting up a sign seems to be a common occurrence, which is disturbing. It’s dangerous. There could be other people in the vicinity, they could be injured or worse still, so it’s quite disturbing behaviour.”

Authorities are keen to chat to anyone with any information and are asking anyone who can help to contact Crime Stoppers or the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Source: ABC.

Photo: Forest Fire Management Victoria.