The peeps at Pedestrian Jobs been busy bees investigating the latest and greatest online courses to get you upskilled quick smart. Read on to find out more.

At the end of last year LinkedIn released a list of the top skills of 2016 – what employers were looking for most in candidates. While there were some definite #trends mined from the data – like “User design interface is the new black” and “Data and cloud reign supreme” – we’re all about translating the big picture view into smaller action points. Like, how does one become a data presentation don? We think we know what analysing data is all about, but how can we make sure our skills are up to date and as deep as poss? Enter these online courses. We’ve scoured the web to find the best and brightest of the e-learning world. Not only do these courses tick the skill boxes, they also look kind of enticing. Which is a great start. 

5 Online Courses For A Sneaky Upskill

Learning goals. 


The number one most-wanted skill in Oz? Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. And where better to start nailing data and getting analysing than the Google Analytics Academy. If you’re anything like us, you might know how to use Google Analytics for a v specific purpose, but beyond that, are kind of clueless. Which is why we’re putting this one on our to-do list – to get a more well-rounded idea of how the whole thing works. 


Skill number seven = User Interface Design. If you want to get all over this one, we think General Assembly‘s User Experience Design offering looks pretty comprehensive. You get to learn about user research and testing, how to optimize for usability, wireframing and prototyping and portfolio presentation. In case you didn’t know, General Assembly are the bomb-diggity for coding, design, data and marketing courses, and we froth on the killer events they hold on the reg (inc. heaps of freebies). Free/cheap this course is not, but defs one to pitch to your biz if they support continuing professional development. Plus, you get a one-on-one mentor, which is all the motivation we need. 


The second most in-demand skill according to LinkedIn is SEO/SEM Marketing. Oh acronyms, how we love thee/always forget what you stand for. Luckily the SEO Training Course by Moz on Udemy is here to clear it all up. Udemy is a crazy hub for online courses, with experts teaching everything from design to personal development. With over 45,000 courses and more than 15 million students, you know they’re onto something. This course is a freebie (yasss) and includes 3.5 hours of on-demand video lectures to help you learn the basics of SEO. It’s got a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with over 5,000 ratings, which bodes well. 


Wanna really dive deep and cut your teeth on some serious study? Look what we found – a Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development at Charles Sturt University, by distance education. Who doesn’t love a bit of a formal qualification? If your undergrad days are done and dusted but you wanna a) get that carefree uni student feeling back and b) address skill six (Mobile Development) and make millions from your (obviously) award-winning app idea, this could be just the ticket.  


Similar to Udemy, Coursera is a hub for online courses, partnering with universities and organisations around the world to bring you all the learning you could ever need. Sticking to the list, we’ve got our eyes on Algorithms Specialisation from Stanford University. Cos who doesn’t need to learn to think like a computer scientist? Given Algorithm Design was number nine on the skill list, we think this would be a worthy investment. With a lil pre-req knowledge up your sleeve, you’ll get to master the fundamentals of the design and analysis of algorithms, which sounds equal parts intimidating and interesting at this stage in our technical lives.

So there you have it. All these sites have a bajillion more courses too, so if these don’t blow your skirt up, start searching friends.

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