5 News Stories From This Week To Fill Any Excruciating Awkward Silences You Fall Into


It’s full force back into the real world, baby. We’re out here heading back into offices, having boogies in clubs and sitting around tables in bustling restaurants. With all that fun IRL stuff coming back, so too are the odd, er, awkward moments. Do I hug this person hello or shake their hand? Should we talk in this elevator ride or keep quiet ‘till our floor? What should I chat to my Uber driver about for the next 15 minutes? 

Ah, it’s been a while since we’ve had to fumble our way through these cringe-worthy social encounters. So naturally, we’re gonna be rusty. There’s not a lot you can do to prepare for these moments, either, unless you want to send yourself spinning with the endless possibilities. But one thing you can do to be as armed as possible, is have some ice breakers up your sleeve. You can smooth out any awkward situation with some primo small talk. 

So, we’ve rounded up five news stories from the week to keep in your back pocket for the next time you’ve got an awkward silence to fill this week. Take a quick fiver, grab a Suntory BOSS Coffee and take these few mins to read the below and get your head in the game for any social situation that arises. 

A Linguistics Professor Reckons They’ve Cracked The Codle Of The Best Wordle Starting Words

If you’re not already on the Wordle train, get on it my friends. It’s a good time and because you can only play once a day, it means we’re not glued to it like other games. But the best bit? Every man and his dog is playing it right now. It can be a risk to bring it up with a random acquaintance but my goodness, if they play too then the payoff is worth it. And up the ante this week with the news that a linguistics professor from the UK has now suggested a strategy. Along with her tactic, she’s dropped a few opening words to try.

Find out the professor-approved opening words to tell your new Wordle pal about, HERE

A TikToker Was Yeeted Out Of A Woolies Bc She Was Being A Total Menace In-Store For Content

Ooft, speaking of awkward. Two girls were reportedly booted from a Woolies in Melbourne after dancing, throwing and stepping on products in the bread aisle. In a now-deleted TikTok video, you can see one of the girls throwing a cereal box over her shoulder. Yikes. 

Find out more about the saga and suss grabs from the video, HERE

Elon Musk Is Apparently Dating An Aussie Actress So Can’t Wait To Meet Their Future Child X Æ A-13

Apparently, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors has a new girlfriend from down under. Aussie actress Natasha Bassett, who appeared in Hail! Caesar and played Britney Spears in the 2017 biopic Britney Ever After, is the new lady in his life. 

Find out more about Natasha and catch up on Elon’s love life, HERE.

Julia Fox Confirmed She Never Went ‘Goblin Mode’ After That Iconic Fake Headline Went Viral

You need to have some Julia Fox thoughts ready to discuss at all times, these days. If you missed the ‘goblin mode’ drama, it started when news of Julia and Kanye West’s breakup came to light. After their split, a doctored headline reading “he didn’t like it when I went goblin mode” went viral. Julia, who is also everywhere right now for her iconic pronunciation of “uncut gems”, has addressed the fake headline. 

Find out what she said about the headline and other rumours about her split with Ye, HERE

The MCG Just Booted Red Rooster To Make Room For Bougie Food Joints & Fans Are Bloody Fumin’

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Australia’s biggest sport and entertainment venue announced that it’s getting rid of it’s beloved fast food joints. AKA Red Rooster has been given the boot. Celebrity fine-dining chef Guy Grossi is will be lining up some new boujee eateries in their greasy places.

Cop a look at the reactions to the news, HERE

Whether you’re on a date this week with someone who can’t string two sentences together, or stuck in the lift with that guy whose name you can’t remember from the office downstairs, whip one of these stories out to chat about and get outta there faster.