The tragic capsizing of several vessels in the Mediterranean Sea has claimed the lines of up to 400 victims, according to unconfirmed reports. 

Italy‘s President Sergio Matterella, speaking at a prize giving ceremony in Rome, said that “several hundred” people had died.

The boats were off the Egyptian coast heading to Europe when the tragedy occurred. At this stage there are no details about what happened to the vessels but they were reportedly carrying mostly Somali migrants.

The Italian Coast Guard have reported that 6 bodies have been found and 108 people rescued.

Some are accusing the EU leaders of “killing migrants by neglect” by cutting funding to search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The incident occurred on the one year anniversary of a similar event in Libya‘s waters in which hundreds of migrants lost their lives. 

Italian Foreign Minister Paulo Gentiloni said that he was waiting until he had details to comment but added:

“What is sure is that we are again with a tragedy in the Mediterranean, exactly one year after the tragedy we had … in Libyan waters. … This is another strong reason for Europe to commit itself not to build walls.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.