30K Of You Had Centrelink Student Claims Auto-Rejected By Dodgy Software

If you were waiting months and months after you  applied for Student Allowance from Centrelink this year, only to get denied, this might be why. 
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, tens of thousands of student applications may have been auto-rejected due to the current staffing crisis.
Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge said there was an unprecedented number of applications this year, with over 250,000 students applying for government help. 
While Tudge and Centrelink state that it was the sheer volume of applicants that caused this problem, the federal government have admitted a completely different story. They’ve gone with this generation’s ‘my dog ate it’: failure of computer software. 
Departmental sources say that this was caused by a failure of software ironically called Customer First, which ‘was exacerbated’ by huge amount of applications. Fairfax Media says that the quality checking process was turned off the clear the backlog, plus the software is ‘vulnerable to crashes’ and takes about 50 minutes to process a Student claim (which previously took 20). 
And because many of the poor Centrelink employees currently roped into desperately trying to get through the massive pile are actually lightly-trained casuals, many were rejecting applications without looking at support documents or even checking details with the applicant. 
Are you ready for this? They think more than THIRTY THOUSAND applications were auto-rejected. 30,000. Insanity. 
They say the backlog is still around 27,500 atm. That fuckin’ sucks. You guys okay? This is you rn:
Source: SMH.
Photo: BBHMM.