3 “Distressed” Kitties Rescued After Fuckwit Dangles Them Off His 4WD

While holding back the desire to be violently ill, it saddens me to report that there’s at least one truly cooked head walking amongst us atm who undoubtedly missed the whole Christmas Cheer memo. 
Yep, how’s a bit of animal mistreatment to really get the silly season’s festivities into full gear?
“Police are investigating after three distressed kittens were handed in at a vet in the state’s north this week,” says a post on NSW Police Force’s Facebook
“On Thursday 22 December 2016, a man found three kittens in a zipped leather bag hanging from the tow ball of his silver Pajero parked near a recycling centre on Brewster Street, Lismore.”
“Just before midday, he attended a vet clinic on Uralba Street, Lismore, where the animals were taken in for emergency treatment. They had a temperature of 41 degrees and were highly distressed.”
Yep, some filthy human grabbed a litter of kittens, stuffed the poor things into a leather bag, and left them to bake in the sun. Christ-fucking-alive. 
“Officers would like to speak to the man who dropped the kittens at the vet and urge anyone with information to come forward,” the post continues.
Additionally, they’re asking anyone with information about this nek-level fucked incident to hit ’em up on the blower via Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000), or on the Crime Stoppers Online Reporting Page (HERE).   
I sure as shit know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas (hint: it involves those responsible kinda / sorta suffering through the same ordeal as those poor kittens). Burn in a leather-lined hell, you oxygen thief.
Source: ABC.
Photo: NSW Police Force.