22 Y.O. NYC Super-Chef Coming To Aus To Launch Our Smallest Pop-Up Joint

You heard about #avogate until your ears started to bleed and – if you read PEDESTRIAN.TV, which you… clearly do, so cheers – you probably know the *real* reason we can’t afford to buy property is the “MasterChef lifestyle” we choose to lead (the jury’s still out on WTF that actually means).
Well, boomers be damned – because we DO like to eat out and it’s our GODDAMN RIGHT to pay exorbitant amounts for smashed fruit and whatever else we decide we’d quite like to stuff down our gobs.
Enter what’s being hailed as Australia‘s first targeted “fine dining experience for millennials” aka our smallest pop-up restaurant, Pith by Mini, to be opened by NYC super-chef Jonah Reider.
At only 22, he’s famous for launching the similarly-named restaurant Pith out of his Columbia University dorm room last year, cooking up an abso-fucking-lutely insane waitlist of 4,000 people.

nyc how you chilling still smelling faintly of garbage im cool with that thank goodness I made it immediately down to my favorite spot union square greenmarket all that autumnal good shit #BACK_IN_THE_APPLE

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Because Reider is apparently allergic to cooking in a regular-sized space, the weekend-only Sydney pop-up will be housed in a Darlinghurst apartment roughly the size of two car park spaces, with seating for just six people.
“It seems that Australia is similar to NYC in that both places have a reputation for a crazy cost of living and small apartments,” he says. “I opened my supper club in a dorm room and have held other pop-ups in the most bizarre of spaces – limited available space doesn’t mean you can’t entertain and host dank social gatherings with friends.”
Questionable use of ‘dank’ but we’ll give him a free pass based on the droolworthy food he whips up.

razor clam, gentian root liqueur, chioggia beet ?? #food #dank_as_fuck

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so delicious. clam, almond milk, xo sauce. inspired by the vibe @fabianvhv @jeremiahlawrence

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gazpacho with garlic scape, fennel seed, and smoked trout roe

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That last one is cannabis and poppy seed cracker.

On the menu at Pith by Mini, which is a collab between Reider and KitchenAid: morel mushroom ravioli with leek broth, macadamia and allium flowers; urchin with potato, duck fat and green tomato broth; kangaroo loin with saffron cap, quandong and eucalyptus; cherry lemon myrtle cake with lemon ironbark ice cream. 
As you’d expect when a restaurant is a the size of a shoe box, places are *extremely* limited so you’re going to want to assemble the crew ASAP for this one.
Saturday 29th October 12:30pm
Saturday 29th October 6:30pm

Sunday 30th October 12:30pm
Sunday 30th October 6:30pm
Darlinghurst. Address provided upon booking confirmation.
Going rate:
$50 per couple (confirmed reservations will be offered as two tickets per booking, so $25 per person). Which is bloody cheap.
Register your interest HERE, and guests will notified by 1pm on Friday 28th October 2016.
Go forth and ‘Gram.
Photo: Instagram / @pithnyc.