Calling All Hot Dumbasses: Why 2021 Is The Year Of The Bimbo Renaissance

2021 Is The Year Of The Bimbo

Bimbos. Bimbology. Bimbofication. The Bimbo Renaissance. These are the things we will be taking into 2021, but what do they all mean? If this is going to be the year of the bimbo, the people must know what the hell a bimbo is, and why it is one of the purest and most iconic lifestyles one can live. So let down your guard, don your pink, and let’s learn about why 2021 is going to be the year for bimbos.

Firstly let’s start with ‘what is a bimbo?’ For this educational piece I’ll be using TikTok vids to supplement my argument, but the bimbo movement exists on all social media platforms, and is in fact quite prevalent.

Essentially, being a bimbo in the new age is all about the mindset. Think of the early 2000’s Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Mean Girls-era types, but give them a 2021 polish and sparkling intelligence. Being a bimbo at its very core means supporting BLM, supporting sex work and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and it is not limited to any sexuality, gender, age or ability. Anyone can be a bimbo.


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New-age bimbos wear clothing that they want to, ignoring the male gaze. Now, of course, bimbos are not explicitly dumb, but the general vibes of being one revolve around the idea of ‘no thoughts, just be cute’.

Emotional intelligence is valued over intelligence that serves a capitalist society, and looks are valued over baseless skillsets that turn the cogs in the wheel of the world. It’s a frivolous, spacey and glamorous way to go about things, and relies on the relinquishing of societal guidelines. It’s a fun way to live your life, that’s for sure.


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Terms like bimbology, thembos, himbos, bimbonation and bimbofication fill the modern-day bimbo lexic. I must be clear in saying that bimboys and himbos are two completely different things, however. A himbo is a really dumb but loveable guy (who is usually straight), and a bimboy is out for your dad’s credit card.

Beloved himbos include people like Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove, and Chris Hemsworth, for example.

Himbo Kronk

Bimbology is the study of being a bimbo, the bimbonation is the collective term for modern-day bimbos, and bimbofication is the transformation from what one would perceive as ‘normal’, to full-on bimbo. If you’d like to see some of these wild transformations being celebrated, here is a Reddit thread, and here is an Instagram page, study up my future bimbo.

Meanwhile, thembo is a gender-neutral term for bimbo, because this way of living is hella inclusive to ALL.


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Bimbo icons include Paris Hilton, Dolly Parton, Anna Nicole Smith and Britney, who all exuded the essence of what it truly means to be a bimbo. They are the blueprint, and are shining examples of powerful, strong and successful women who are quite intelligent, and yet present in a way that almost mocks the male gaze.

Going off that point, being a bimbo, for those who identify as women, is all about the reclamation of sexist ideologies that have been used against them for centuries. It’s adopting the hyper-feminine, glamorous idea of what men think a woman should look like, and yet mock whenever it exists before them, and using it to your advantage.

It’s a turn of the tables essentially, and dismantles the idea that a man should ever have a say in anyone’s appearance or outlook on life. You can be a bimbo without all the pink and all the stereotypical ditz, it truly is a way of life more than a distinct style, some people just take it further.


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2021 is the perfect year to embrace bimbohood, whether you’re 22 or 76. Let’s adopt body positivity, confidence, rejection of patriarchal standards and acceptance into our lives in full force. I mean, why the hell not?

And hey, if you wanna take it the extra step and wear wild pink tones and fur coats into your office, be my guest. Being a bimbo is coming back in full force, we no longer need to think!

Now here’s a bimboy video, just so we can round-out the full range of existing ideologies.

And here is a stunning non-binary bimbo, whom I absolutely would love to be friends with.


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So what are you waiting for? This is the year of the bimbo renaissance, the year that being a bimbo has come back into fashion. It is no longer the exclusive trait of blonde-haired pink-wearing movie stereotypes, but an actual way of living.

Let’s embrace bimbohood, to whatever degree we feel comfortable with. It’s time babey.