These $2,000 Swarovski X S’well Water Bottles Are The Definition Of Extra

Staying hydrated is a mundane task, innit?

It’s as simple as drinking water consistently throughout the day. Pour out of tap, pour into mouth. Finish cup, refill. Ad infinitum.

Sometimes, do you ever feel like this gets too boring to bear?

If you answered yes to the above question, we have the solution for you.

Stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle manufacturers S’well have teamed up with Swarovski and dropped a line of water bottles so unbelievably extra I think I might combust.

Dubbed ‘The Brilliance Collection‘, these OTT water vessels feature more than 6,000 individually hand-applied crystals. They come with a dazzling price tag too, and will set you back around AUD$1,914.

There are five colours to choose from; black, silver, navy, red and pink:

At the moment, the pink version is the only one available to buy, and that’s the ‘Swarovski Brilliance Jolie‘:

This glitzy blush bottle might seem like a ridiculous, inexcusably lavish purchase, but it’s for a good cause.

S’well is contributing 100% of the net profits of the limited-edition bottle to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission. It’s win/win really. You’re making one helluva hefty donation to charity, and coming away with something lovely.

The rest of the bottles (the proceeds of which will also be going to charities) will be available to purchase on November 1st on and through select retailers.

Shine bright like a supremely hydrated diamond.