Arguably one of the cutest animals on the face of the earth, capybaras are like if you crossed a guinea pig with a hippopotamus and made it do great cute things all the time. 

2 Capybaras At Large In Toronto After Adorable High-Profile Escape From Zoo

In what sounds very much like the plot of an animated movie with talking animals: two of them have escaped from Toronto Zoo and are running wild around the city, possibly on an adventure to return home or to find a childhood human friend or whatever.

The zoo chucked a tweet up about it yesterday, urging people to keep an eye out for them (providing a picture of one of them looking super unimpressed) but at press time the clever dicks are still at large.

The heartless bastards left one of their own behind, but will presumably come back to rescue him in the final act of whatever heartwarming children’s film this is taking place in.

Capybaras are amphibious and dry out if they don’t regularly immerse themselves in water, so they’re probably hanging out in someone’s pool wearing sunglasses and making topical jokes that will go right over kids’ heads.

Godspeed you! Badass capybaras.

Source: The Telegraph.

Photo: Getty Images / DPA.