18 Y.O. Valedictorian Roasts Teachers So Hard In Final Speech They Cut His Mic

The final days of high school are surreal.
Closing off the most formative chapter of your life is a helluva feeling. But another more compelling feeling can creep up on you during these final days. A feeling of wanting to fuck shit up, one final time.
I hypothesise that these YOLOesque emotions hit the school captains and prefects the hardest; they’re the ones who have had to reign in their naughty streak for the last decade and a half. 
Of course, most of us don’t act upon these feelings, in fear of not being able to graduate or complete exams. 
One 18-year-old over in the US decided that for his final valedictorian speech, he would go out with a bloody bang.
Peter Butera, class president of Wyoming Area’s Class of 2017, didn’t use his final speech to sing Kumbaya and assure his classmates that they’d be friends forever. No. Instead, he used his platform to criticise the school’s shortcomings in gloriously eloquent fashion:

“My classmates have also elected me class president the past four years, which has been my greatest honour and I would like to thank you all for that one final time, it really means a lot.” he begins.
“However, at our school, the title of class president could more accurately be class party planner, and student councils main obligation is to paint signs every week.”

Sure, it’s not like the boy got up there and started telling the teachers to go fuck themselves, but the choice to criticise the institution he’s graduating from is no mean feat.
“Despite some of the outstanding people in our school, the lack of a real student government, combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators and board members have, prevent students from truly developing as leaders hopefully this will change,” he said, before being cut off by The Stroppiest Looking Teacher Alive.
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Of course, the crowd went wild and Butera received a standing ovation as he walked off stage.
“I don’t think it could have gone any better,” Butera later said of his speech. 

“I got my point across and them cutting the microphone proved my point to be true.”

Source: Citizen’s Voice.

Photo: Ustream.