17 Y.O. Schoolie Shatters His Teeth Falling Down Kuta Nightclub Staircase

Schoolies is a life-changing time for a lot of people – you’re out on your own with your mates, a lot of booze and an amount of paracetamol that you bought under the assumption that it was coke.
While some of us spent the week at the beach in their tiny shitty central Queensland town doing fuck all (this was me, I did this), a bunch of intrepid 17- and 18-year-olds make the trek to Bali to party like no one is watching and, quite possibly, get their teeth all fucked up.
In what experts are calling “literally the worst thing I can imagine”, a 17-year-old Australian, who just trying to make some memories before he made the transition from high school to the horrible drudgery of adult life, fell down a staircase at the Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta, smashing his teeth and breaking his leg.
In a way, haven’t we all seriously injured ourselves while engaging in horseplay in the internal staircase of an overseas nightclub? I know I have.
According to Kuta police chief Commissioner Wayan Sumara, the young man was “goofing around” before the accident happened:
“[He was] holding on to stairway rail, swinging his body and then he was thrown. He fell to the third floor face-down. His face hit the floor.

“He was unconscious and had a wound to his left knee and his chin was bleeding.”
He’s currently being treated for his injuries at Siloam hospital in Denpasar and will hopefully be able to continue partying at least in spirit. 

Source: The Age.