16 Y.O. Who Lost Everything In Grenfell Fire Sits Exam In PJs The Next Morn

The next time you’re dreading taking an exam, consider this story.
A 16-year-old whose family lost everything in London‘s devastating Grenfell Tower fire turned up to sit a GCSE exam – the British equivalent of the School Certificate taken in most Australian states by Year 10 or 11 students – in her pyjamas, hours after she escaped the burning building.
Ines Alves fled her 13th floor flat in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the inferno that’s claimed the lives of 17 people spread through the North Kensington tower block.
After taking refuge at a friend’s place overnight, she travelled to Sacred Heart School in Hammersmith to take her exam at 9am sharp, wearing the same clothes from the night before.
“I put on my jeans and a top and just grabbed by phone and chemistry notes,” she told The Telegraph. “I was trying to revise while we waited downstairs as we thought it was a small fire at first but it was impossible.

“It was my Chemistry GCSE and that’s what I want to do in my A-levels next year so I thought maybe it was necessary to do it.

“It was still really shocking and it hadn’t hit me yet, it still hasn’t completely hit me that we’ve lost our house. But I still managed to think through in my exam and do it. Considering I hadn’t looked over my notes I think it went fairly well.”
Ines’ father Miguel said she could miss the exam due to obviously distressing circumstances, but she wouldn’t budge.
“I am very proud of her because she did what,” he said. “I never expected for her to do the exam that night but she decided to go.”
Msg for her teacher: only an A will do.
Source: The Telegraph
Photo: Facebook / Ines Alves.