15 Y.O. Says Misread Text From Her Mum Saved Her From The Manchester Blast

A teenager whose mother died in the Manchester Arena bombing says that if she hadn’t misread a text message, it’s likely she would have died as well.

Charlotte Fawell, 15, was exiting the Ariana Grande concert at the time of the blast, which took 22 lives and injured scores more. She had been following directions from her mum Wendy, but left through the wrong door. 

“I read the text wrong. If I’d have gone to the right door, I might not be here now,” Charlotte says. She was around 45 metres away from the site of the explosion, which took place near the venue’s foyer.
Charlotte says she “knew people were dead” the moment the blast occurred, and that “I was ringing and ringing my mum, hoping she’d been knocked unconscious and she might wake up and answer — but she never did.”

She was only informed of her mother’s death by a detective after the incident. Charlotte “she was my best friend, we did everything together.”
Charlotte attended the concert with her boyfriend Lee Davis, whose own mother Caroline Davis Osborne was also seriously injured by the blast. 

Greater Manchester Police have released an image of bomber Salmen Abedi captured by CCTV on the night of the blast. 

Investigations are ongoing.

Source: The Sun.
Photo: Facebook.