In Today’s Cursed Sydney Rental News, This Surry Hills House Had A Corpse In It For 8 Years

139 kippax street surry hills

In extremely cursed but surprisingly normal Sydney rental news, a woman not only died but was found rotting and decomposing for eight long years in a Surry Hills rental that’s now going for just $900 per week. I haven’t met the real estate agents behind this property but you just know they’d describe this place as a heritage home with history and character (and a spooky one at that).

In a recent TikTok, user @emdeebs said she applied for a three-bedroom place at 139 Kippax Street Surry Hills with “super renovated” kitchens and backyards, sliding glass doors to the outside, a pebblestone backyard, bedrooms a nice size, and a modern bougie AF bathroom all for $900 per week.

Then while googling the property she accidentally hit the news tab of Google and oh boy, what she found is WILD.


why are the only houses that i can get haunted? seriously though if anyone is leaving a 3 bedroom in surry hills or paddo lmk xx #fyp #housetok #rentalproperty #rent #greenscreenvideo

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According to an old article by The Sydney Morning Herald, a then 79-year-old woman named Natalie Jean Wood not only died there but her corpse stayed there unnoticed for eight long years. I don’t even want to begin to find out what it looked like when NSW Police found it.

Officers reportedly found Wood’s corpse in June 2011, which means it was there for the launch of the iPhone, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd‘s first run, and the cinematic release of Inception, Taken and The Hangover.

There’s a lot to digest about this story. When officers found the woman’s body, her body had decomposed to the point where she was nothing but bones and some dentures. Animals had eaten what was left of her. Pretty awful and ugly stuff.

Here are some of the pics of 139 Kippax Street NSW Police shared back when they found the woman’s body.

Source: NSW Police via SMH

After finding out about the house’s history, the TikToker said: “So, I think I’m gonna remove my application.”

Honestly, nothing screams a 20-something in their Sydney rental era quite like nearly applying for a house that is absolutely without a doubt haunted.

According to the listing on Real, someone has sent in a deposit for the place. The ad also describes the home as “a unique terrace with a courtyard garden design, this residence has bright interiors, freshly painted throughout. With quality updates in the heart of the city, it’s a move-in ready home with a cool new personality.”

It does not mention the tragic passing that occurred in its walls.