When we were 13 we were all about three simple things: cargo shorts, inoffensive pop punk and Tamagotchis. For NSW maths prodigy Jacob Bradd however, it’s all about quadratic equations and calculus. Last week, the precocious 13 year old Illawarra Christian School maths whiz forced us to seriously evaluate what we’re doing with our lives by becoming one of the youngest people ever to sit the Higher School Certificate in extension 1 and 2 mathematics.
Jacob, the product of a Speech Pathologist mother and Hydrogeologist father, was an algebra whiz in grade three and sat the School Certificate maths exam in year five. ”Extension 2 was quite challenging but it’s meant to be,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald this morning. ”I actually really enjoyed doing it.” Ugh. This guy!
Jacob, thankfully, hasn’t worked everything out just yet though. ”I’m not really sure what I want to do yet,” he added. ”Maybe something related to physics.”
The world is your matrix grid, Jacob. Know that if it all goes horribly wrong somehow (and we hope it doesn’t) someone will at least make a documentary about you.