10,000+ People Who Are Fkn Done With #CasinoMike Are Marching On The Star

Reclaim The Streets is marching on The Star Casino this weekend, and y’all are invited.

Over 10,000 people and 100 artists are expected to attend this protest-slash-music festival, calling out both The Star and James Packer‘s Crown Casino for allegedly making hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations, and then somehow being exempt from Sydney‘s lockout laws.

Look… they’re not saying the two are *definitely* linked, they’re just saying that Ros Packer donated $100,000 in 2014 and the lockout laws passed.

“There is a groundswell of opposition to #CasinoMike and his government’s draconian lockout laws, the people of NSW are sick of the millions in dirty money that is flowing into the Government and destroying our democracy,” said a spokesperson for Reclaim The Streets.

“The Star has been exempted from the lockout laws, despite being the most violent venue in the state. Barangaroo, where James Packer’s Crown Casino will operate, is also exempt. The reason is money.”

(Okay so they’re definitely saying the two are linked.)

“These casinos have brought their way into a free pass, while at the same time funnelling all of the late night trade into their highly lucrative gambling halls. We are marching to the casino to highlight the gross hypocrisy of the government and the craven interests of The Star and Crown Casino.”

According to Reclaim The Streets, the gambling industry has a long and dirty history with politics. They claim that since 1998, the industry as a whole has made over $5M in political donations across the country, with The Star making over $847,950 in NSW alone.

They also say that in 2012, Ros Packer donated $570,000 to the Federal Liberal past just weeks after James Packer was given the rights to develop his casino at Barangaroo. Yeah. That seems above board.

“We demand both parties refuse donations from casinos and casino-linked entities and refund all money taken in the past,” said the Reclaim The Streets spokesperson.

“This nepotistic Government doesn’t have a clue about the culture of a modern global city. These laws have had a massive impact on local musicians and producers. We demand our city back from these suited idiots.”

“You can’t even call Sydney a concrete jungle anymore because jungles have life in them. Now it’s just a concrete slab, no one wants to live on a slab.”

If you’re down to march, the protest kicks off this Saturday at 3pm at Town Hall, before making its way to The Star. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/237327156602371/ 

Photo: Chloe Sargeant / PEDESTRIAN.TV.