Welcome to Australia in the wake of Trump‘s America.

About 100 absolutely fucked anti-semitic posters bearing racist slurs and the words ‘Keep Australia white!‘ appeared all over the University of Melbourne this past weekend.

Lecturer Nick Rose posted a photo of one of the posters to Facebook, which has now been shared over 1,000 times.

“Whoever thinks fascism and right-wing extremism is not on the rise in Australia is kidding themselves,”
he wrote. “This filth is plastered all over Melb uni today. Feeling sick and angry.”

A spokesperson for Melbourne University told PEDESTRIAN.TV that about 100 of the posters were discovered on Saturday morning across the Old Engineering, Microbiology and John Medley buildings as part of routine security patrols.

“The University removed the posters that it could at the time, and painted over those that could not be immediately removed. All the posters will be fully removed by COB today,” he said.

Due to the content of the posters and the damage done to buildings, the incident has been reported to Victoria Police.

“The University is committed to a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for its diverse community,” he said. “Activities of hatred and intolerance from any group against another are not tolerated, and the University condemns the sentiments in these posters.”

The Melbourne-based neo-Nazi group claiming responsibility for the posters – the Antipodean Resistance – describes itself as a youth organisation that opposes “substance abuse, homosexuality, and all other rotten, irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalists elites.” 

The website is emblazoned with swastikas, just to make it 100% clear who these people are.

The same group was responsible for the absolutely vile anti-semitic and homophobic that appeared all over Melbourne’s Swinburne University on Gay Pride Day in October this year. The sickening posters – again emblazoned with swastikas – depicted men wearing ‘Gay and Pride’ t-shirts being shot in the head.

100% Fkd Neo-Nazi Posters Plastered Across Melb Uni Over The Weekend

The fact that this group even exists in Australia in 2016 is depressing and scary as hell. But as a tiny, optimistic note to end this story on, Twitter user @neurofluff tweeted that someone responded to the appearance of these posters by plastering anti-hate posters around the uni instead.

Photo: Facebook / Nick Rose.