A 10 Y.O’s In Intensive Care After A Man Allegedly Drove Into Their Tent At A Tassie Campsite

A man allegedly drove through a Tasmanian campsite and into a family’s tent at 2am on New Year’s Day, injuring five people including a 10-year-old who’s now in intensive care.

The family’s suffered a range of injuries ranging from what police have called “minor lacerations to suspected internal injuries”.

According to the ABC, the whole family was taken to Northwest Regional Hospital and all have been discharged except for the 10-year-old, who had to be transferred Royal Hobart Hospital.

They’re now in intensive care with a ruptured spleen and fractured pelvis, but in a stable condition.

Tasmania Police said in a statement that the 27-year-old driver narrowly avoided hitting other camping sites and people, and then collided with a tree. He’s now in police custody.

Acting Sergeant Fabienne Jamieson said that man had allegedly been “exhibiting anti-social behaviour prior to the crash”.

Jamieson also thanked members of the public at the campsite who intervened in the crash.

“Tasmania Police would like to thank all members of the public that assisted with this incident, as their actions undoubtedly prevented further people from being seriously injured.”

One eye-witness told the ABC that the driver was faced with a “lynch mob” in the campsite after he drove into the tent.

“We’ve removed him from his car so he couldn’t drive any further, a couple of guys restrained him, put his hands behind his back, there was a karate guy who got him.

“The lynch mob turned up with axes and shovels who wanted to make him pay, the smarter people of the crowd stopped that from happening.”

Tasmania Police are now asking anyone with info about the crash to come forward.