Local Gal Calls Out Café For The Price Of Its Chips & Whatever Happened To ‘Cheap As Chips’

Although I would define Australian cuisine as a mix of cultures, one of my favourite “national” dishes would be the good ol’ fish and chips. It’s crispy, yummy and cheap. Unfortunately, with the cost-of-living crisis, it appears that one takeaway shop is charging a bloody arm and a leg for JUST the chips.

You know the saying “cheap as chips”? Yeah, I think that’s definitely gone out the window.

You see, Kidspot recently shared a story about a woman who went viral after she went on a Facebook rant about the price of a takeaway chips order she recently paid for.

Per the publication, the cafe was located somewhere in the NSW mid-North coast, where other Facebook members described the bundle of hot chippies as “disgraceful”.

“I’m not sure whether this is just info or a crime,” she began.

$10 is like 10 hot chips from Hungry Jacks. (Image source: Facebook)

The unnamed woman went on to reveal the price of the pitiful potatoes which was… drum-roll ploise…. 10 BLOODY BUCKS.

Are these the best chips in the universe? Is the potato free range? Is the potato gonna vogue the house-down boots? Sing me a song? Well, it bloody better for 10 buck-a-roos.

According to the publication, the women ended up complaining to the cafe about the price, who went on to blame cozzie livs. The cafe also claimed that the cost of living crisis was the reason why the portion was tiny AF.

Following her Facebook rant, other members came forward expressing their disgust with the sad soggy chippies, with some writing it looked like it cost one dollar.

“Don’t go back… it’s ridiculous!” one person commented.

The cheeky chip debacle comes months after Redditors completely shit on a Sydney pub for charging $16.10 for a bowl of chips. And months before then, another Sydney cafe was put on blast for charging 18 smackers for takeaway banana bread.

Evil times we live in, folks.