Aussie musician Ziggy Ramo has just dropped an absolutely killer cover of Paul Kelly‘s iconic From Little Things Big Things Grow, but with a powerful twist. The new track takes the lyrics of the beloved classic and transforms them into an incredible statement about invasion and genocide in Australia.

Thirty years on from Paul Kelly’s From Little Things Big Things Grow, which was released in 1991, Ziggy Ramo has decided to take the golden classic into his own hands and turn it into his own powerful masterpiece.

Ramo’s new track, Little Things, adopts the same chorus as Kelly’s classic belter, but adds completely new verses that speak on a multitude of topics surrounding Indigenous lives.

Little Things touches on genocide, trauma, stolen land and a lost Indigenous history in Australia, and stands as an incredible statement against the system, which still sees Indigenous deaths in custody to this day.

“I wrote these lyrics in November 2020, and at the time there was 441 Indigenous deaths in custody,” Ramo wrote in an Instagram post.

“6 months later there have been 474 Indigenous deaths in custody. The system isn’t broken, it’s working. Always was, always will be. Sovereignty was never ceded.”

The video for the song was filmed atop the Sydney Opera House on one of the most perfect days ever.

It’s a truly stunning piece of footage to accompany the song, and you can have a look for yourself right here.

Ziggy Ramo’s ‘Little Things’ is now available to stream on all platforms.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold