Zayn Malik’s ‘PILLOWTALK’ Music Vid Is 3:26 Of Him & Gigi Hadid Sucking Face

You know when Zayn Malik was having post-One Direction interviews, and he said that he didn’t like his former boyband’s aural vibe, it just ‘wasn’t his type of music’? 
Well, this is why – because he wants to make sexy AF music where he snogs cute chix in his videos. 
The synthy track ‘PILLOWTALK‘ is his first effort as a solo artist, and people are losing their minds more so over the video than the song. 
Probably because it’s sexy. Very, very sexy. He pashes Gigi Hadid (his girlfy IRL) many times. Many, many times. 
Oh, and there many referential metaphors of vaginas being like delicate flowers. Which they ain’t. But ooookay.
Maybe watch in a private place? But enjoy: 
Photo: Youtube.