Aside from being ever-so-occasionally hilarious, one of the great joys of YouTube reaction videos is watching someone experience a thing for the very first time. Even better when it’s something you know Inside Out.

YouTuber YouYouYou!!!, who reviews various hip hop-related tracks while driving around in his car, got tasked with giving Rage Against The Machine a burl; a band he’d somehow never laid ears on before in his life.

What follows is 12 minutes of pure, unbridled joy as his brain cracks open to Tom Morello‘s genre-bending riffs and Zack De La Rocha‘s politically charged lyricism. And… y’know… the general, overall badassery of Rage Against The Machine as a whole.

The video was posted a few months back, but it’s doing the rounds again today and it’s well worth a watch. Tom Morello himself Tweeted a link not too long ago.

Peep the video below, featuring old mate’s mind warping several times as he snakes his way through Rage’s self-titled 1992 debut LP.

Be warned: It’s WHOLESOME AF.

Hell yes. Hell YES. HELL YES.

He’s already recorded a follow-up, for those of you who are interested, this time featuring him getting psyched the hell up on Rage Against The Machine’s follow-up LP, Evil Empire.

And abso-fucken-lutely there’s one for The Battle of Los Angeles too. Absolutely there is.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to blast Take The Power Back at 300db while we throw rocks through Government building windows.