Young Famous Women Under 30, Forbes and Lil Wayne Have Money On Their Mind

Those list-making obsessives over at Forbes have compiled another list. Instead of supermodels, powerful women, loaded musicians, dead/powerful celebrities, this time it’s of the 10 people who, before they’ve even hit 30, have made more money than you are I are likely to ever make in our combined lifetimes. Woe are we. Yep, this one’s a real confidence booster. By measuring album sales, concert ticket and concert movie revenue, as well as cash money generated from endorsement contracts and acting pay-cheques in the last year, here are the top ten bright young things you’re most likely going to want to punch in the face, take their wallets and run on account of all their money/good looks/talent/being Kristen Stewart.

Taylor Swift, 22, $57 million
If you’ll be the prince to Taylor Swift’s princess, you’re going to want to be okay with not being the primary breadwinner/pants-wearer. On her 65 date tour performing hits from her album ‘Speak Now‘ – which sold over 5 million copies – Swift amassed $1 million in revenue for each performance. Plus, a recent contract with easy, breeze, beautiful CoverGirl puts Swift at the top of the young money list and it’s really hard to say anything mean about her. That’s priceless.

Swift looking like money at The Grammys, photographed by Frederic J. Brown for Getty Images/AFP

Justin Bieber, 18, $55 million
No longer an obnoxious all-singing, all-dancing fringe, Bieber has grown into an obnoxious bouffant young adult with over 64 million combined social media followers, 750 million YouTube views and over 12 million albums sold. Ugh. And he’ll be in Sydney next week. Alert the riot squad/cougars. He also fancies himself as an amateur venture capitalist, buying stakes in companies like Spotify, which is definitely why I constantly find myself unwittingly nodding my head along to ‘Boyfriend.’ Not because it’s catchy. Promise.

That’s why his hair is so big. It’s full of money. Photo by D. Dipasupil for Getty Images Entertainment.

Rihanna, 24, $53 million
Coconut water connoisseur Rihanna is the Armani-clad, Nivea-smooth face of R’bel Fleur (or something that isn’t actually a word), a most-likely sickly sweet fragrance and one of many product endorsements that sees the blunt-smoking Barbados native rack up a cool $53 million in the past year. On top of that, an 85 show tour over twelve months and a legion of fans (53 million on Facebook alone) have set Rihanna up to be very comfortable for a very long time.

Have money, will wear Tom Ford’s crocodile. Photo by Timothy A. Clary for AFP/Getty Images

Lady Gaga, 26, $52 million
Rah rah, blah blah blah. Hey Lady Gaga, you sure have become a bit of a snooze lately. That’s okay though, because you’ve been touring your Born This Way Ball worldwide for your 74 million social media monsters and crafting perfumes to make you smell like blood and semen and an expensive hooker (those are her words). $52 million makes for a pretty expensive hooker indeed.

Beautiful, dirty rich. So much money in this photo with Sir Paul by Larry Busacca at the Grammys. Via Getty Images Entertainment.

Katy Perry, 27, $45 million
I’m sure about $40 million of Katy Perry’s $45 million annual earnings comes from some lucrative whipped cream/blue wig manufacturer/pyrotechnical boob endorsement. The rest probably has something to do with ‘Teenage Dream‘ – the album that saw Perry become one of only two musicians in history to have five number ones from one album, the other being Michael Jackson. Touring that album grossed nearly $60 million for KP, and her recently released concert movie will be the fiscal cherry on top of that whipped cream covered pile of Benjis.

Good one, Katy. At the premiere of her movie by Ian Gavan for Getty Images Entertainment.

Adele, 24, $35 million
Breaking hearts and breaking bank, Adele Atkins has sold over 23 million copies of 21, the album that also earned her six Grammys and a baby, due in September. The baby may have nothing to do with that though.

Getting in some practice at the Grammys. Photo by Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images Entertainment.

K Stew, 22, $34.5 million
Kristen Sulkwart is the world’s highest earning sulk actress at just 22. Scoring big Bella bucks for the soon-to-be-over Twilight franchise, K-Stew also funds her Vans collection with big money side projects like Snow White And The Huntsman and smaller indie projects like On The Road. K Stew is also the reluctant face of Balenciaga and Üngratéfulnéss, a lesser known couture house founded by me.

Stoked to be here. Photo by Jason Merritt via Getty Images Entertainment.

Lil Wayne, 29, $27 million
Eff bitches get money, right Dwayne!? Too bad all those ladies (Biebs included) earned more money than you D-Wayne-O. That’s okay though, because Carter IV sold nearly 1 million copies, played to over 50 shows during a 12 month period and raked in $600,000 per night. A Trukfit clothing line and a Mountain Dew endorsement deal also sweeten the deal for this cold muhfucker. In his own words, “Dear Mr. Toilet I’m the shit.”

Pistol on his lap on the way to the money. Photo by Michael Buckner for Getty Images Entertainment.

Jacob, 20, and Edward, 26, $26.5 million
Ermahgerd, Jacob and Edward earned the same amount of money! Both made very average films outside of the Twilight franchise (Abduction, Water For Elephants), and whole Jacob is considered one of the 100 most influential people in Hollywood, Edward landed the girl. So who really wins? Certainly no one who sits around pondering that question for too long.

Awkward sans K-Stew. Photo by Andreas Rentz for Getty Images Entertainment.