You Lot Smashed ‘Hottest 100’ Records W/ More Than 2 Million Votes Counted

Yesterday was January 26th, so one of the most common activities undertaken was listening to triple j‘s ‘Hottest 100‘ countdown of the top 100 songs from 2016, as voted by you. 
And it turns out it was a record-breaking year NOT JUST because it was Flume‘s first ever #1 – the countdown received more votes than any previous year, with over 2 million votes. 
Yup, THAT’S RIGHT, a whopping 2,255,110 votes were counted to create the list of 100 songs. 
Yet another record broken was the amount of Aussie tracks: 66 songs by Australian artists were featured in the list – which is just beyond goddamn awesome. 
triple j released a video on their social which laid down the numbers for the ‘Hottest 100′, and showed the voter breakdown and other snippets of A+ info. 
While there’s info to show the difference between men and women voting in the ‘Hottest 100′, it’s not shown what the gender breakdown of the featured artists was in 2016. However, it is duly noted and thoroughly appreciated that there were 7 female artists in the top 10 this year. 
A hugely important number from the video was that 26  of the artists featured were actually discovered by triple j’s Unearthed platform. 
Watch the excellent lil’ vid below: 

The stats are in, people: y’all love local music. NICE. 
Source: triple j.