Adele‘s star power has become so great that it’s now responsible for singlehandedly creating a self-contained micro-economy, with tickets to her sold-out March 4 Brisbane show already appearing on resale sites for up to $2200.

Prices originally ranged from $105.95 to $309.85, and tix were all snapped up within half an hour of going on sale.

Twenty minutes later, the inevitable scalping began: ViaGogo has Reserve A tickets for $1500, they’re going on Gumtree for up to $1400, and eBay is leading the “are you joking” pack with prices over $2k.

Ticketmaster are warning people to be cautious about purchasing resale tickets, especially since they’ve recently introduced a new system that has an in-built delay that doesn’t post or print tickets until a month before the event. A spokesperson told the Courier Mail:

In spite of the unprecedented demand for this amazing artist, Ticketmaster’s sophisticated technology helped to ensure that the tickets we sold ended up in the hands of real fans.


We have also worked closely with artist and management to successfully deliver a ticket delay for Adele events, which held back delivery or collection of physical tickets until one month prior to the event. This prevents the number of physical Adele tickets available to the secondary market.”

For those travelling from outside the city, finances are about to get even more hairy, as it’s not just ticket prices that the celestial body known as Adele is affecting. Brisbane accommodation has also shot up for the weekend of the shows. A 2-bedroom apartment close to the stadium in Woolloongabba where she’ll be playing is going for $999/night on March 4 and 5, but just $234 the next weekend.

There are still some tickets available for the March 5 show, apparently, though how they’ve managed that I’ve no idea. The two concerts, which are the first musical events to be held at The Gabba in 40 years, are also Adele’s first time in Brisbane. Crowds of 60,000 are expected to attend.

Our advice? Make friends with someone who lives round the corner from the gig and set yourself up on their roof from 7:30pm. Glass of wine, deck chair, and the free echoes of pop music’s biggest voice reaching your happy, miserly ears: priceless.

Source: Courier Mail.

Image: Getty.