For many Valentine’s Day is about heart shaped cookies, Interflora, and sexy time with the one you love, while for others it’s an exploitative capitalist holiday developed by Hallmark and Cadbury to take advantage of hapless romantics. Yeasayer prefers to treat Valentine’s Day as an excuse to give something to their fans / you. This year it comes in the form of a brand new video for track “I Remember”, as well as a free digital download of the Remember EP with remixes by Painted Palms and Villa. Now that’s love.

Dear Friends.
We have just touched down in the USofA from a tour encompassing Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia and we are exzzzausted. We’d like to thank the folks and fans of these fine nations for their hospitality.

Now on to new news:
1. First we are excited to announce a new video for the heart tug’n track “I Remember” (off the ODD BLOOD LP). The “I Remember” video was directed by dear friend Sophia Peer and fits snuggly with our previous visual efforts. We are in love with it.

2. FREE V-Day Music. Our techs set it up so you have the ability to send the “I Remember” digital EP as a small Valentine’s Day gift to a loved/liked/crushed/etc one in lieu of chocolates’n’roses. The “I Remember” EP contains two aphrodisiac-like remixes by Villa and Painted Palms. Yes, “I Remember” is a love song.

Don’t be afraid of love.

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