‘Ye Vibes On Aziz Ansari’s Bootleg ‘Famous’ Clip, Makes It The Official Vid

Kanye bloody West. What a mischievous little scamp.

Cast your mind back a fortnight, to the time Aziz Ansari and his significantly larger friend Eric Wareheim cooked up a bootleg video for West’s Famous. The duo were in Italy, wining and dining, doing big bud / lil bud thangs, and smashed out a compelling music clip in the process. Bueno.

Welp, if Wareheim’s comedy collective JASH is to be trusted, their pasta-fuelled romp has been adopted as the first official video for The Life Of Pablo. A spokesperson for the group said ‘Ye finally agreed to have the mini-masterpiece represent the visual portion of the track. Obviously. 

Of course, you’d be foolish to expect straight-laced truth from a group also consisting of Sarah SIlverman, Tim Heidecker, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts. Then again, the clip has been scrubbed from Wareheim’s own Vimeo account, so we’re chalking this one up as gospel. Catch it again below: