Ya Girl Lorde Just Dropped A New Single & It’s All About Getting Tanked

It’s a good day for a white-hot new banger, folks!
Effortlessly cool Kiwi Lorde continues barrelling down the road towards the release of her second album ‘Melodrama‘ on June 16th, and earlier today we got another taste of the LP to come in the form of the new single ‘Perfect Places.’
Blessed sweet Ella‘s hot newy is a soaring, upbeat belter of a tune that just so happens to lyrically deal with the despondency and hollowness that can often accompany constant partying; a question of meaning she poses in lyrics like “it’s just another graceless night,” or “what the fuck are perfect places anyway?
The irony that this is probably gonna provide the soundtrack to more than a few roaring parties is almost certainly not lost on her either.
Regardless, it’s a tune-and-a-half, and if your anticipation levels for ‘Melodrama‘ weren’t already sky high, then that fuse is about to be lit.

Try and excise that chorus from your skull at any point today. We bloody dare you.
Melodrama‘ is out June 16 via all the usual music retail and streaming outlets.

Source: YouTube.
Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty.